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Persistent Connectivity Issues

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Persistent Connectivity Issues

I have been a HughesNet subscriber for years now, but only after switch to Gen4 did I start to have any real issues with the service.

This is my third attempt at posting this, so please forgive me if the previous posts went through.



Around the October/November 2017 timeframe (can't recall exact date), I started to have intermittent connectivity issues. I would be browsing a website and after click a link or going to a new website, I would receive the '”page cannot be displayed error" or “this site can’t be reached” error.




I could pull up the System Control Center and while the System Status showed green (all functions were operating within normal parameters), I could not reach the internet. If I were to click on the System Status, I would see that the State Code would be in an error state, and usually the IP Gateway Association State and TCP Acceleration were
also in error states. Codes would range from 12.1.7 to 12.1.12 and if the system was left alone, would eventually clear up and return to normal. Monitoring this behavior for a couple weeks, I noted that when the system "went down", it would last anywhere from 2-4 minutes and come back fully operational and I could continue browsing the web. The frequency of occurrence ranged from 30 minutes to a few hours.

January 5th, 2018January 5th, 2018

I contacted support and after speaking with 3 different support representatives, each who tried the basic troubleshooting steps (connect directly to modem and not through a router or switch, perform a reboot, etc.) and also failed at remoting into the modem, I finally got a technician to come out. The Tech was connected directly to the modem and was able to witness the connectivity drops while he was observing the system. He was also unable to connect to the configuration console (I am assuming this is a different console than what we normally see as an end-user) through his tablet, so he decided to skip the rest of the troubleshooting steps and install a new modem. After the install, the issues seem to have been resolved and the modem was listed as the culprit and the service call closed.


The tech also checked the condition of the satellite and the line of sight. While we do have large trees in the line of sight, they have been there since install and have not played a role in connectivity that we know of - which the Tech verified through the signal strength readings.




Over the last week, I have started to experience the same issues yet again - this time more frequently (3-4 times per hour) and for much longer durations (5-10 minutes average). If I attempt to reboot the system during one of these error states, it can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes for the system to come back online and be operational, so I just usually just sit it out and wait for the system to recover itself. Codes again range from 12.1.7 to 12.1.12.







Today, I experienced outages from:

  • 7:47 am - 7:53 am
  • 8:14 am - 8:18 am
  • 8:37 am - 8:44 am
  • 12:13 pm - 12:19 pm
  • 12:36 pm - 12:47 pm
  • 12:52 pm - 1:32 pm



During the course of writing this post, the connection dropped three times. The first time it was down for 6 minutes (12:13 pm – 12:19 pm - from time of internet drop to system recovery and internet working again). The second time it was down for 11 minutes (12:36 pm – 12:47 pm). The third time, starting at 12:52 pm, I was unable to connect to the control panel and was forced to perform a hard reboot. After the hard reboot of modem (removing the power cord, waiting 5 minutes and plugging back in), I was still unable to establish a connection to the modem or reach the System Control Center. I performed another hard reboot before I could access the System Control Center and use the internet.




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Re: Persistent Connectivity Issues



Sorry you're dealing with this.   



A couple of things.  If you have the modem plugged into a power strip or surge protector try plugging it directly into an outlet and see if that makes any difference.  In addition, please make sure that the power plug going into the back of the modem is all the way in and not loose.  This plug is sensitive, as well as delicate, and if it's not snug it can cause issues.   


If you're still seeing the problem after trying and making sure of these things please reply and we will get the reps involved in order to help you.  



Edited initial reply after seeing that you had already tried power cycling the modem.  

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Re: Persistent Connectivity Issues

I feel your pain. I’m going through the same problem now. I called tech and was told to unplug and then plug in again. Now I have zero internet! It completely disappeared under networks on my computer! I would help if when I called, I could understand them without their thick accent, plus they would understand what I am saying too! I’ve never had such bad customer service than when I contact them! I guess I will be looking for another company.
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Re: Persistent Connectivity Issues

Thanks for the response @GabeU


@GabeU wrote:


If you have the modem plugged into a power strip or surge protector try plugging it directly into an outlet and see if that makes any difference.  In addition, please make sure that the power plug going into the back of the modem is all the way in and not loose.

The modem is using a dedicated outlet and not a powerstrip - so we should be 'good to go' from that perspective. Since the modem was recently replaced, I also have both the new power cord, as well as the original power cord. As a part of basic troubleshooting, I have already tested switching the power cords to see if any noticeable differences were encountered - whcih they were not.


I guess it is just odd that even after replacing the modem, the same (or vey similar) problem exists. Even weider, I have noticed that the Signal Strength is consistently between 115 to 126 (which I am told is very good) and that no errors have been reorted since my last post (where two hard reboots occured).


One other issue I seem to notice is that my Speed Tests report average speeds in excess of 25 Mbps, but downloads take considerable longer than expected. For example, a 10MB file can take 30+ seconds, and a 50MB file can take 2+ minutes. I am wondering if the speed tests are accurate since at these speeds, both files should take under 45 seconds to complete.



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Re: Persistent Connectivity Issues



It's good that you haven't seen any errors since your last post.  Maybe there was some type of issue on Hughes' end that they fixed.  Maybe it was some type of glitch that fixed itself.  Who knows?  Whatever the case, I certainly hope that having no errors continues.  


As for files taking a while, does this happen no matter where you're downloading files from?  The reason I ask is that some servers, no matter the time of day, are slow in downloading files while using HughesNet.  I don't know if it has anything directly to do with HughesNet or if, perhaps, the servers hosting the downloads are sensitive to the latency inherent to satellite internet.  There were times when I was trying to download files from Microsoft that took FOREVER, even though my service speed was very good.  Last year I had a Windows 10 Cumulative Update that was nearly 700MB and it took over 24 hours, while my HughesNet service speed was nearly 30Mbps.  And, of course, some servers are slow just due to them being busy, but that's usually not the case when you're just downloading something at an arbitrary time rather than everybody and their brother trying to download the latest and greatest program at the same time.   

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