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Poor Picture Quality with Hughesnet

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Poor Picture Quality with Hughesnet

This is my first time signing up for Hughesnet and so far I am regretting it. The picture quality on shows I am trying to stream on a number of devices both Android and Apple is terrible. The resolution is poor and there are noticeable gaps where the streaming stops and then restarts. No matter whether it is a live event or just streaming a movie, the quality and performance is so poor I can't watch anything. And when I am using my devices they are all within 15 feet or less of the modem/router. Even using something like Roku, which I tried thinking it would make things better, is a failure. I would like to know why this issue cannot be resolved. 

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Re: Poor Picture Quality with Hughesnet



Have you made sure to turn off (or pause) the Video Data Saver?  


Two things to keep in mind:


1.  Streaming is a very data intensive activity, especially when done in higher definitions.  Streaming in HD can use up to 3GB or more per hour.  

2.  The most difficult time to stream, especially in the higher definitions, is during the evening.  This is because the already limited bandwidth of the system is being strained due to so many people being online, and the more people trying to do the more data intensive activities, the more difficult it becomes.  Like a digital rush hour.  


You may want to look into PlayOn Cloud, which streams your chosen items to a cloud based DVR, converts them to mp4 files, then sends you a link with which you can download them.  The highest definition PlayOn Cloud currently records in is 720p, but if you have the source set to HD, the definition of the recorded items looks very good.  There's also no buffering, as you're watching from a file that you've already fully downloaded.  You can also keep the files.  I've found that one hour of video averages about 1 to 1.2GB data.  The service itself is free, but you pay for recording credits.  It's a very good alternative to regular streaming.  A smart phone is required for the PlayOn Cloud app, which is used to set up the items to record.  You can also schedule the file downloads to the phone, which is a great way to utilize your Bonus Zone data for such.  As well, you can download the items manually to your phone, computer, tablet, etc.  

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