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Poor to no connection

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Poor to no connection

I have had horrible service since being with hughes net. But now we have none. Tried resetting changing route r to 5 ghz. It's so bad I can run a speed test and now the system light will not stay on on the modem
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Re: Poor to no connection



A few things to try and/or make sure of....


If you have the modem plugged into a power strip or surge protector, please try plugging it directly in to an outlet to see if it makes any difference.  Also, please make sure that the power plug going into the back of the modem is not loose.  Please be careful with this plug, as it is delicate.  In addition, please make sure that the coax connector at the back of the modem is finger tight.  It doesn't need to be any tighter than this, but it shouldn't be loose.  


Lastly, if you have not already tried, please unplug the modem, let it sit for a minute, plug it back in, wait about three or four minutes, then try the internet again.  


If none of this makes any difference, please be sure to reply.  

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Re: Poor to no connection

Hello adbeesley,


We're sorry to hear that you haven't enjoyed your service. If the system light will not stay lit up on the modem, there may be a configuration issue or the modem may need to be registered on our network again. I will take a look at your system today and see if I can communicate with it to run diagnostics. In the meantime, powercycling your modem might get your system back on line. You can do this by unplugging the modem's power cord from its power brick. Wait at least 30 seconds before replugging. Give time for the modem lights to 'settle' - about 2-3 minutes.


Thank you,