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Port Forward


Re: Port Forward

Hi glassman,

Yes as Charles mentioned, it applies to both.

- Chris
New Poster

Re: Port Forward

I was sad to come here and see that there was no solution. I am coming from Comcast. I recently moved to a rural area so now I can't get cable of any kind and the DSL is way too slow out here. With Comcast, you had what they claimed to be a dynamic public IP, but it never changed and I wasn't behind double NAT like Hughesnet. So, I was able to use the IP as an A record on GoDaddy for my web address for my private server, AND forward port 80, which they didn't even block (some ISPs block incoming requests on port 80, I just got around it by using a different port). I was even able to buy my own modem and use my own router and not use Comcast's all-in-one dummy box. It's pretty lame that Hughesnet makes it impossible to get around this and has some lame policy about not hosting anything. I have my personal music that I was streaming to my phone while I'm on travel and that was pretty much my only use for the web server. I was also able to update my server via SSH and do SOCKS5 via SSH on to get around institutional web filters. My only hope before I read this post is that maybe I could email Hughesnet and ask them to forward the appropriate ports to my Hughesnet IP out of Detroit so that I can again forward them on the router here and get through. Looks like they wouldn't do it for me, though. All I can do is pray for cable to come out here eventually.