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Port Request...A frustrating process

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Port Request...A frustrating process

I have been trying to get my phone number ported since August 19, 2019.  HughesNet says StraightTalk keeps rejecting it for a wrong pin number but when we call ST to verify the pin number it is correct.  After about 4 rejections I contact Straight Talk again  and they finally refer me to their portability specialist department.  But they have to talk to the new carrier submitting the request which is HughesNet not me the customer.  I get notification of another rejection notice from HughesNet and I call HN and give them the telephone  number of the StraightTalk Portability Specialist department.  They call and we are on a 3 way conference call.  ST tells us their system is erroneously rejecting the port request but they can override it manually if HughesNet engineers will resubmit the request and stay on the line until the request comes through on their system so they can manually override and release my number.  HN agent on the line is not the engineer and the only thing he can do is send the ticket to the engineers to resubmit.  So yes, who knows how many tickets are going through to the engineers and when mine will even showup for processing.  So neither ST or HN reps seem to want to wait on the line for this process but HN assures me it will  be taken care of.  Next week HN calls and says my port request has been rejected due to wrong pin we go again!  After explaining for what seems like the umpteenth time I give them the portabiity number again and we go through the same process.  But I have to say I think the ST agent was really willing to get it resolved today but HN just wouldn't follow through with what needed to be done.  They absolutely WILL NOT let you talk to an engineer and both the ST agent and I requested to speak with a supervisor or someone in charge that could help us resolve this issue and we couldn't get him to transfer us to anyone.  So after paying my StraightTalk service for several months just so I could keep my number and get it ported over, I was notified by StraightTalk that my service will end on Oct 21st.  So if I don't get the number ported over by then I guess I will lose my number.  If I could cancel this HughesNet Phone service without having to pay the early termination fee, I would do it in a heartbeat.  As it is, since I've been trying since August 19th it is way past the 30 day limit.  And my other peeve is, if I do lose my number the phone number they have given me now is out of my area code and I can't get a local phone number or even one in my area code.  So I am stuck having to dial an area code for every call I make.  I call my next door neighbor and I have to dial an area exasperating!!!  Someone at HughesNet should be able to resolve this.




Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing this issue. In reference to your most recent case, it appears this is being monitored by our voice department and that you have been instructed to submit another request. An issue like this must be handled through them, as we do not have the tools to assist with the background porting process on our community platform. I recommending calling our voice department once you have submitted another request, for an update on its status.