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Post for Cindy Goodson: Sales rep was not honest

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Post for Cindy Goodson: Sales rep was not honest

I'm registering a complaint about being lied to about services/pricing. I'm new to HughesNet. We have recently moved & my cell phone service(AT&T) referred me to them. That's the only reason I went with HughesNet.....didn't do any shopping around & honestly just didn't have the time! Our new property is pretty rural so when HughesNet said they serviced this area we set it up. We had decided to forego getting a landline phone but then during the "sales pitch", the rep is telling me that an internet phone was included. Okay, that's cool! That'll be nice to have especially since all this together will be cheaper than what I was paying for wireless & our landline phone in our old place. Or at least, that's what the sales rep told me. Great! Isn't it about time somebody actually saved me money?! So then I get my lovely billing statement that tells me I've got to pay $60 for that internet phone every month. Which actually means I'll be paying more than I was paying before. So that's twice that the rep lied to me. I called today & at least got them to drop that part of the bill. And now because of that one stupid guy, I've got to watch every single statement. And all the folks I had bragged to about their pricing & what we received I've got to go back to & tell them to watch out for those lying reps. Sadly HughesNet has joined that group in my "lying bucket of businesses".

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Re: Post for Cindy Goodson: Sales rep was not honest

Hi Cindy,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community! I'm sorry to here this and I assure you we are here to help. Can you post a recent case number or the serial number on the back/bottom of your modem? I would like to pull up your account and see what we can do for you. We can also request a sales call review and if our rep misinterpreted our service you may have recourse. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Thank you,