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Post for Will D: Data runs out I, want to cancel my service

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Post for Will D: Data runs out I, want to cancel my service

I have been following different threads to
chime in on the most similar experience.  We have had significant issues
with "data leakage" and customer service from the Philippines which I
believe to be a tier 1 help desk support.  We have run out of data
consistently each month since we began using Hughes net.  We often have to
resort to using our cell phone data plans.  Despite having performed the
"unplug for 3 hours" test over half a dozen times with various
support personnel and having the problem identified there has been no
corrective action by Hughes net.  One support person stated that our modem
was bad as evidenced by data loss while the network cable was unplugged
from the modem. Technical support responses have ranged from "I can't
answer your questions" about the data loss to "we don't see any
problems on our end."  Requests for supervisors have gone unanswered.
 A total of 5 requests have been made to either speak to a technical
supervisor or escalate the issue to tier 2.  There is simply no option
there.  Asking to speak with a US based customer service representative is
met with the response, "I’m sorry I don't know how to do that."
 We have a password, named network, and SSID and our nearest neighbors or
road is about 300 yards so unwanted connections are not an issue.  Follow
up calls and tests have yielded the same result.  When we ask technical
support, what the next step is, they say they are not able to provide any further
information and then ask "have I answered all your questions today?"
  We are at the end.  During a professional web broadcast my internet
stopped working due to using all the data for the month.  This instance was tied directly to my income.  The cost of this
system is exponential to the benefit of having it.  I just want to
terminate the contract at this point.  This service provides little if any
value for my family.  My goal here is not to be irrational or make broad based
criticisms but to state specific instances where problems exist and define my
experience from those instances.

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Re: Post for Will D: Data runs out I, want to cancel my service

Hi Will,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community! I'm sorry to hear this. I understand that you would like to close your HughesNet account. We value your business and are sorry to hear that you are considering leaving us. 

We’re very careful with account status changes. For account information protection, we would need to speak with you directly to provide you the details about the cancellation process of the service. So you will need to contact our Phone Support at 1-866-347-3292.

If instead you would like for us to troubleshoot your site and investigate further into your concerns about data loss, please post a recent case number or the serial number on the back/bottom of your modem and we will be glad to help you.

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Re: Post for Will D: Data runs out I, want to cancel my service

Browser ad and video blockers that prevent things from automatically loading and starting when visiting web pages are pretty much a must also.

Also need to be sure Windows updates are not set to automatic.

Finally, what plan are you on? If the 5GB Anytime one, that is not much data for a month. A web broadcast that you mentioned could easily eat a big chunk of that depending on length and video quality that it streamed. If a higher definition feed it could deplete even a higher data plan quite quickly.

Uploaded data also counts on Gen4.