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Power HT2000W directly to DC

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Power HT2000W directly to DC

Hi all,


I have the HT2000W router set up off the power grid in a physically challenging (access, space, etc.) environment. Power is derived from DC solar and batteries. It dawned on me that the power currently goes from DC, to a third-party AC converter, to the router plug, which is then converted back to DC for the router. This DC to AC to DC conversion is a waste of power and space and considerably complicates the system. In another posting, I read the below:


"I use only dc. Is there a way to connect the modem directly to a dc source of power?" No.  the power brick produces several DC voltages from the AC source.  I have not taken a volt meter to determine what they are in this particular instance, but the common power brick usually produces anywhere from 3 to 6 various DC voltages that range from -/+5vdc to -/+48vdc. and are used for isolated purposes within the equipment.  It might even pass 120VAC through to the modem in addition to the DC.  As I said, I just haven't checked to see what it is providing.


How would I go about removing the AC part of the power supply?

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Re: Power HT2000W directly to DC



Though a rep will have to confirm this, the power brick that is supplied with the HughesNet modem must be used with that modem, and as is.

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Re: Power HT2000W directly to DC

The brick powers not just the modem, it also powers the transciever on the dish via the cabling. Best not to experiment since both are extremely voltage sensitive.

Also, as an aside, power conversion via AC and tapped step-down transformers are a lot more efficient than DC.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

Re: Power HT2000W directly to DC



Thank you for reaching out to us. @GabeU and @MarkJFine are completely correct. On top of this, tampering with or changing the equipment voids the warranty. The power brick is specifically designed to support the equipment and has been tested to ensure proper functionality.