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Problems with Uplink loss. Internet problems.

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Problems with Uplink loss. Internet problems.

This is another issue added to the list of problems, since I upgraded. This one I have been dealing with for over a week or more. I am having problems with "Uplink" issues.

 I tried every thing I could think of before I wasted my time on tech support. I have already talked to support who where rude and dismissive and actually over-talked me and hung up on me (because they couldn't access my modem). I did get through to someone that sent a tech out, which was another waste of time.

I had my modem open so he could see the issues, he states he actually rebooted the system by accident and ran his test. He stated there was no issue and that his phone app would show it. He said he couldn't run it again as per policy. Blamed my issues on the new satellite and his other customers had the same issue. This was yesterday, New Year's Eve. He was here for about 15 minutes and I had no time to even load anything on my computers before he left. 

So here is my no issue so you all can see.