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Rapid gb loss

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Re: Rapid gb loss

@schussler wrote:

Any idea how to disconnect the directv receiver from the hughesnet modem?  There is no way to "disconnect" with the remote, only "connect".  I didn't set the receiver to go through the hughesnet modem.  Must have been the technician or it was automatic.

Thanks for any advice in layman's terms.  


You're in luck.  Though it may be a little different now with the Guide change, the process for resetting the network in a DirecTV receiver, which will disconnect it from HughesNet, is as follows....


Using the remote, go to Menu > Settings & Help > Settings > Internet Setup > Advanced Setup > Reset Network Figuration.


You can also try changing the network password in the DirecTV receiver's settings to something other than the real one.  


As a last resort, you can change the WiFi access password in the HT2000W.  See the following PDF for info on the HT2000W's WiFi settings....

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