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Re: Prices are ridiculous

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Re: Prices are ridiculous

We're extremely unhappy with our service. Like you, we would drop if it weren't for the termination fee. Instead, we've cut down to the cheapest plan and have arranged service with a wifi provider.  We discovered after we signed up that we can't use Alexa or Google Home because they each burn through so much data that we'd run out in a couple weeks. As we also learned after we signed up, we can't use it for gaming because of the lag, and the same goes for Second Life. I did a performance test in Second Life last night and discovered that our ping was over 20,000! That's essentially a twenty second delay on anything I tried to do. Our download speed (we're outside the data limits for good performance) was 0.114mbps, which might as well be dial-up for all the good it does. What makes it particularly aggravating is that Xfinity has high-speed cable near us, but stops half a mile down the road with no plans to extend. 

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Re: Prices are ridiculous

I guess it didn't occur to you to do your due diligence and research the technology before signing up? If you had, you may have learned about how satellite works, and about its limitations. It is a limited technology that should not be used for streaming or real time gaming, and you could have made an educated choice. 


The broadband is limited and has to be shared among the subscribers, so using Alexa is not a smart move; the latency (lag) can't be helped because of the laws of physics.  It is an expensive technology, so it's going to cost more than terrestrial cable.  That's just the reality of the situation. 


I could go on about how troublesome the company you mention is, but I will let you find out for yourself.


*I am not a Hughesnet employee or representative. This is a customer-to-customer tech support community, and I am a customer.

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Re: Prices are ridiculous



Though it's possible that this is not the case, it's likely that the 20,000ms ping was due to the game's servers not getting along with HughesNet, or satellite internet in general.  You can find your ping, or latency, by running a ping test, or a traceroute, to a site.  I tend to use as it's a site that can be trusted for tests like that.  


As for the speed, that's very low, even for when one is in FAP.  Make sure that, when you're testing speed, you're testing with a single device that is connected to the HughesNet modem with a LAN cable, and with the WiFi in the HughesNet modem disabled.  If you don't know how to disable the WiFi in the HughesNet modem, please see "How do I manage my built in WiFi modem?" in this PDF.  Also, it's best to use for the testing site as it's designed to take the high latency inherent to satellite internet into account.  It's also best to use the manual 25MB test size for download tests and the manual 4MB test size for upload tests.  Running the tests this way will ensure that nothing is skewing the test results, like other devices sapping bandwidth or the WiFi itself being a problem.  

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Re: Prices are ridiculous

Hi erooff, wlecome to the community and thanks for posting! Unfortunately with satellite internet, there is a delay due to the distance your data has to travel to our satellite and back. As far as gaming goes, there are limitations due to the latency, however some gaming is still possible. You can read more about that here. There's also ways to make the most of your data so you don't burn through it quickly, you can read more about our tips here, and more specifically tips with streaming here


I'm in agreement with Gabe regarding your speed test results and would follow his steps he provided to ensure you're receiving the most accurate test results. I ran a speed test with our tools on my end, and the results show you're well within our advertised speeds. However, if you run speed tests on your end through per Gabe's instructions, this will help us determine what's causing your slow speeds. 


I'm more than happy to work with you to improve your services, let me know if you have any questions!