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Re: Truly disappointed in HughesNet

Gen 5 Is the very worst of the worst. Got 20 Gig and was told it would be 20 times faster and it was plenty for a small family. Well my wife and I only have I phones and I am not here during the day and my twenty Gig gone in two weeks. Down Loaded one movie from Netflix. The installed the dish on my roof, with Lag blolts and put holes in my siding. Now I am down graded to nothing unless I get up before 8 am to use the computer. 119.00 dollars a Month and their Tech support in Asia . They told me just unplug it when you dont use it. **bleep**, I didnt buy this to unplug it and be talked to like a dumb **bleep**. Ive filed a Complaint with B and demanding new roof and siding. I want my money back. They suck your Data out to get you to buy more. We have had two Gigs on our Cell phones for two years and only ran out twice with Verizon. I would not advise anyone to buy Gen 5. BEWARE

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iPhones will actually restrict data usage on cellular networks compared to wifi networks, so while you may not run out on a cellular network because of restrictions, you could run out of data on a wifi based connection.

If you have exhausted your data, then of course speeds will be slower, nothing can be done about that.  As for the roof, nothing can be done about that, you might want to read over your contractual terms and conditions at

Basically, you wont be getting a new roof, you wont be getting new siding, you wont be getting a new house, you wont be getting installation costs back, and you wont be getting out ETF free.  BTW, goodluck, as contacting the B.B.B. basically eliminates any and all public support options here, Hughesnet will respond with in the time frame alloted by any agencies you have contacted.


Hi Mike


Sorry to hear that you are not enjoying your service. I was able to locate your account and do a quick review. It appears that there is more than just 2 iPhones on the network - I am seeing at total of seven. Based on the MAC addresses, it appears there is a mobile wi-fi booster (Netgear), iPhone, iPad, a Samsung device, mysimplelink (Texas Instruments?), voice ATA and a DirecTV box. Before having HughesNet, did you run all of those devices off your cell phone data?


Regarding your installation, I see that the dish was indeed installed on your roof and the grounding block installed on the side of the home, with a signoff  for satisfactory installation. Is there a specific part of the installation that is causing issues with the siding? If you have pictures of the areas please let me know.


Thank you


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@mikelm31 wrote:

 They suck your Data out to get you to buy more. 

No, they don't.   


I'd look at that DirecTV receiver for at least some of your data that's being used.  They can use data for things other than On Demand, including when they are off, as they aren't really off, but in stand by, still connected.  

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