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Recieve signal strength low

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Recieve signal strength low

My signal strength is now about 56-58 on a clear sunny day. I have access to a neighbors gen5 system that is about 1/4 mile from me and it has a signal strength of 122. I have had terrible service since this was installed about a month ago and numerous calls and chats have been a waste of time. No one has ever asked me to look at signal strength. Could the signal strength be my problem and if so is it a matter of alignment?

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Re: Recieve signal strength low

1/4 mile can make a lot of difference in signal strength if you are near the edge of a beam.  However, that signal does sound a bit too low to be usable on a system.


Re: Recieve signal strength low

Hi ecampigli


That does sound very low, especially if you are not located in New York State (the only place I know to have this kind of signal strength). I have located your account and will be running diagnostics to see what is causing the low signal.


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