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Replacement Modem?

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Replacement Modem?

My modem has stopped connecting to any devices aside from cell phones basically - my wired ports just aren't working and now the consoles are complaining that they aren't being served an IP address even when I manually provide them one. I've done a lot of troubleshooting over the past month but I think I've reached the point where I've narrowed this down to hardware - resetting and restarting hasn't done anything, new cables haven't fixed it, and our phone hasn't been working properly either and it's likely that the random phone call we got right before all of this started saying that the modem wasn't working wasn't a scam call like I said it was at the time.

I'm on Gen 5 and I believe my router is the 2000 series as I received the equipment back in, I think, May.

I can further explain everything I've done but it's 3 paragraphs and equates to "everything I could possibly think of" and even my wireless adapter for my desktop just gets disconnected in a way I've not seen before - not from the network, but from my PC. So whatever the error is, it's pretty critical x.x

Thanks tech support, whom I presume are able to see my information and ship a modem based on prior posts I've seen.
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Re: Replacement Modem?



The problem may very well be your HT2000W modem, from the sound of it.  Unfortunately, the reps here won't be back on until Monday.  When they're back they'll likely want to run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment, so please be sure to leave your modem plugged in during the day for them to be able to do so.


They also may need to get some personal info, such as account number or phone number, in order to locate your HughesNet account, but if they do they'll ask for it to be sent via private message, for which they normally provide a link.  


With this said, if you'd rather not wait until Monday you can call HughesNet tech support at 866-347-3292.  However, if you are able to wait, I recommend letting the HughesNet reps here help you.  If it is the modem they should be able to get a replacement out to you pretty quickly.  🙂

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Re: Replacement Modem?



I see it's your first time here, thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! We'd love to get to the bottom of this for you. As GabeU stated, we'll need a phone number attached to the account or your account number itself, which will help us take a look into this. Please send me the private message at this link!