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Repost for Nancy D: Unknown charges on card?


Repost for Nancy D: Unknown charges on card?

Hey new to this and when I say new I mean don't have any clue
as to how to message you but if you get this comment please contact me
at _____
as I as extremely unhappy with Hughesnet's billing and have threatened
them with a class action suit every month that we have had their
"services".  In our case, they have accepted payment from our debit card
each month then resubmitted it to the bank a second time, deducting a
second payment each month.  Also, the original installation payment was
made from our original debit card (1st and only use of the card) yet my
account was hit 2 days later for purchases of 3 different apps totalling
120$.  ONLY hughesnet had the card number....Hmmmmm!!!!!  The card was
immediately cancelled but NO ONE had the # except Hughesnet.  Please
contact me as I am weary of going through the same BS with these people
every single month.

Re: Repost for Nancy D: Unknown charges on card?

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for your post. We've omitted your e-mail address but would still like to assist you. Can you post a recent case number or the serial number that is on your modem? I'll be able to identify your account and see what charges we have posted from HughesNet and what they are for. We appreciate your cooperation to get this resolved.

Thank you,