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Returning equipment

I need help returning my equipment I was very Unpleased with the service the guy I talked to on the phone when I first got HughesNet told me that I would be able to play madden on the internet and when I tried it wouldn’t allow me to and now it’s hard to return the equipment because I don’t have my liscense and the closest ups is four towns over and I don’t have any money for them to pick up my equipment can someone help me please
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Do you possibly have a friend or relative that might be able to give you a ride, or even a friend or relative that could drop it off at UPS for you?  


Another idea is local businesses, especially if you know one well.  Sometimes they will take a pre-paid package for you and give it to the UPS person when they give their own shipments to them.  There's also the possibility that there is a local business that offers this service for a small fee.  We have one that does this for $1.  Our closest UPS place is 24 miles from here, so what this business does comes in very handy.  


You cancelled the service and got the return equipment box with the prepaid UPS label, right?  

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