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Router setup

I have Gen4 service with an HT1100 modem. wireless connectivy has become a real problem, and I am convinced I am setting someithng up wrong. My router is a D-Link 890L. When I set it up I changed the router address to, to avoid conflicts with the address for the modem. I set the device mode to Router, and the internet connection to DHCP. When I connect the router directly to the modem, and then connect my system to the router, I can't find the modem, either with ethernet or wireless devices. When I connect the modem directly to my system, and then connect the modem through a separate switch, I can find the modem on ehternet devices, but not the router, and on wireless devices, the router but not the modem. Should I be connecting from the modem to the router using Static IP, and, if so, what IP address and DNS should I specify?


Any help would be appreciated.


Hi lenG,


I think the problem lies in the router address you've assigned. Technically, "" is the same as "". You can do two things: use the built-in guided setup or 'wizard' setup inside the router and choose DHCP/Dynamic/Auto (manufacturers use these interchangeably) or change your router's IP address to


Hope that helps, let me know if you need further assistance.