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S-L-O-W service.

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S-L-O-W service.

TestMyNet results stated 99% SLOWER than other on service.  This has been the case for the three years we have had HughesNet. 

Date format: D M d Y @ g:i:s aTypeTest SizeScore MbpsScore MB/sUsernameComputer IDISP / HostExtra IdentifierTest ID 
Fri Jul 31 2020 @ 6:45:27 pmUP256 kB0.270.03Franknroz1.69E+10hughes_network_syste60------useDkqxjSsL 
Fri Jul 31 2020 @ 6:45:12 pmDN281 kB0.120.02Franknroz1.69E+10hughes_network_syste60------usY-tn29aaE
Fri Jul 31 2020 @ 6:38:40 pmUP256 kB0.170.02Franknroz1.69E+10hughes_network_syste60------usUxN03wDLg
Fri Jul 31 2020 @ 6:38:20 pmDN232 kB0.070.01Franknroz1.69E+10hughes_network_syste60------usM5BqX1f69
Fri Jul 31 2020 @ 4:14:41 pmDN348 kB0.190.02Franknroz1.69E+10hughes_network_syste60------us8GQEtheEu
Fri Jul 31 2020 @ 1:44:59 pmUP256 kB0.210.03Franknroz1.69E+10hughes_network_syste60------uspxYUIsIb3
Fri Jul 31 2020 @ 1:44:42 pmDN404 kB0.190.02Franknroz1.69E+10hughes_network_syste60------uspqKt7PlKm
Fri Jul 31 2020 @ 11:14:42 amUP256 kB0.130.02Franknroz1.69E+10hughes_network_syste60------usDDWNQ8z18
Fri Jul 31 2020 @ 11:14:14 amDN14.2 MB19.292.41Franknroz1.69E+10hughes_network_syste60------usWYQhc8SDh
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Re: S-L-O-W service.

To have speed issues addressed in this community, first you will need to follow the procedure detailed here:

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Re: S-L-O-W service.



This is the link the reps will use to view your speed test results...

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Re: S-L-O-W service.


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