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This Hughes Gen 5 really sucks!!  I can't get over all the ads on TV with them claiming 25 Mbs download, HA, HA, in their dreams.  This service has sucked ever since I have had it!

I am doing a download speed test as I am writing this, I started the test about 10 minutes ago and still have not downloaded 25 MB.

Hey Hughes let me out of my contract so I can go back to Viasat/Excede.

Here are the results from the second test.



Another test I ran, at least I am out of the Kbps range at a whopping 2 Mbps!   Anybody have one of those old dial up modems laying around, that might be a quicker way to get online.

Just one more test for you Hughes!  I am calling to cancel my contract and see what kind of B.S. your support people tell me.  With Excede I got around 12 Mbps download but at least it was fairly consistent, I will take that any day over this!!

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Free market. Go with whoever gives you the better deal.  For me, it's actually Hughes. YMMV. Godspeed.


lake_woman........It is not a matter of a better deal, I just want a satellite internet provider that can provide fairly consistent download speeds.  I am not talking about speeds dropping down to 20 Mbps or 18 or 15 or even 12 Mbps, but I have been getting 1 and 2 Mbps download.

I changed to Hughes from Excede where I was probably getting between 10 and 12 Mbps download but it was always consistent and I don't think that I ever had to call customer support to report a problem.  Also when I first went with Hughes for the first few months I was always getting error codes; transmit problems etc.  

Anyway my experience with Hughes is unsatisfactory and I have been waiting for the service to improve but it seems for my location it is getting worse.  If you are having great service with Hughes great!  


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As of late, is often giving erroneous results.  Because of this, HughesNet is now open to results from other speed tests.  Please avoid, though, as it uses a LOT of data and is tripped up by the Video Data Saver.  


I've found that seems to be the most accurate for download tests, while seems to still be accurate for upload tests ('s upload test results seem to be too low).  


If you try, it would be best to use the default test and not the legacy test (which finishes too quickly).  It may also be beneficial to set the server to one close to your gateway.  If you don't know where your gateway is, I can tell you if you can tell me your Beam ID and which satellite you are on (Echostar 17 or 19), both of which you can find in the Satellite box on the following page...!/home/information

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I agree about TestMy.Net,  their speed tests do not give accurate results. actually gives me a bit higher rates than does the HughesNet site.  I have only been a customer for 5 days, but I am loving it so far.  My first day speeds were horrible, but I was told that the software needed 24 hours to run smoothly, which it did.  Hope this helps.  I wanted to add to try downloading an actual file from filehippo or other reputable site and see what the speed is there.  Open your download folder to view in IE or Firefox.  It will be in MBs/sec not Mbits/sec.  1.5 MB/sec is roughly 12Mbits/sec. 


 This is ridiculous!!  I am on beam 54, anyone else having this kind of trouble.  I talked to support yesterday and the guy told me to use the Hughes Net speed test, what a joke!  That said I was getting around 30 Mbps download and every other speed test I used said that I was getting less than 2 Mbps download.  This morning I can't even squeeze 1 Mbps download.  Even this page took several minutes to load up.  Time for a class ****** ***suit?this result

Anyone out there able to explain to me how to download a Netflix movie between 2 AM and 8 AM using the "bonus" data and then see the movie later when I am awake?


@tim1966       Pretty sure I got Tim back up and running fine...

The person who got me going was my awesome local installer!!  This guy did a great job on the initial installation and has had to come back out a couple more times but not due to anything he did.  After spending a lot of wasted time with tech support Hughes finally sent out the tech that installed the system and he has got me up and running again.  The first time on a transmit problem and this time with the very slow speed issue.

This man has gone above and beyond the call of duty and gave me his contact info so I could contact him with any questions or issues.


@tim1966  Thank you Tim..  That was me.. Glad it all worked out..