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SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're not here to ask for help or if you're not here to give help to others, PLEASE go away!
Go to FB, Twitter or anywhere that people want your DRAMA!
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Re: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mordacious....HOW DARE YOU be happy with Hughesnet!!!

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Re: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm getting bored with all this. Robert, if you've experienced all the problems you say then I'm sure they will release you from any remaining contract commitment. Enjoy your new old service. Bye.
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Re: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm happy with Hughesnet and I don't care who knows it and if anyone has a problem with it they can take it up with my guard dog!


                                                             He'll eat your face off!
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Re: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You seem to have a distorted view:

You do not "cap" your service. The "caps" referred are the high limits of your plan: (IE: 20/50 GB)

Related to speed, you do not get 1.5 MEGS, you get 1.5 Mbps .....

Your installer is not a Hughes employee. He is a subcontractor tasked with doing installations and repairs. He has no "inside knowledge" of the state of a Gateway.

As to troubleshooting. There are procedures that need to be followed. You don't start at the "engine" (read as Gateway) and work  backwards to the "caboose" (read as the users entire environment including software and hardware) you troubleshoot from the user end forward.

Your installer can't repoint your dish to a different more lightly loaded satellite, he can however improve the aim to your present satellite.

As to someone "changing your gateway", not even God can change your gateway (of which there are 17) because ALL of the users in a given beam have their traffic routed to a given Gateway Facility where the traffic is routed, within that facility, to assigned upload & download server's.

That is what was changed .. moved to uplink/downlink servers that are more lightly tasked (at the moment)

That is an "end result", the entire point of the troubleshooting process. Start at the user end .. progress along testing and verifying performance at each point along the way.

Because a user is in a remote location and the greatest likelihood of an issue being rooted in the users configuration followed by local hardware the user has to be involved in the troubleshooting process.

Have a nice day.


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Re: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds to me like the installer told this guy what he "wanted to hear" so he, the installer, could get out of dealing with the truth, namely the user has to do a little work on his end. Something too many users don't want to hear, they want plug and play, WEBTV.

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Re: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please, can someone just close this topic?
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Re: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen Alan, amen!

Re: SLOW SPEEDS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Robert

We're very sorry we could not come to a permanent resolution and hope that your installation tomorrow goes smoothly. Best of luck with your new ISP.