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Salesman lied to me repeatedly during sign up


Re: Salesman lied to me repeatedly during sign up

Your patience is appreciated! After reviewing the call, these were their findings:


  • The customer asks what the highest level package is, because they had heard about the data limits and wanted the most data possible.  The agent answers, “Even this plan will get you about 1000 hours of high speed internet per month.”  The customer asks how many gigabytes that would be, and the agent responds, “Well, gigs translate into different things based off of what type of technology it is.  The 10 GB per month would not have the same data bleeding as a hotspot, so this would translate into 1000 hours of high speed internet.”
  • The customer asks why there is more data than is possible to consume, to which the agent responds, “It is possible, it’s pretty hard.  Maybe if you had a bunch of security cameras with an upload feed.”  The customer clarifies, “So it’s per machine?” The agent states, “yes.” 
  • The customer asks what the other packages were, and the agent responds, “There’s a plan that does 2000 hours that you could go with, but you can upgrade or downgrade that plan at any time.”


None of these statements are in our approved scripting and we consider the agent to be misleading the customer. This call has been escalated this to the compliance team for review and this agent has been removed from the HughesNet sales team. 


I've sent you a private message to address your concerns in further detail.