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Secure Connection Issues

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Secure Connection Issues

Hey there - I am having trouble establishing a secure connection on a couple of websites. This is only when I am connected to the internet via HughesNet and it happens on both my iMac and MacBook Pro. I am able to access the websites with no issues using my cell phone/cell data. This happens across multiple (up to date) browsers (Firefox and Chrome). I have reset my modem and restarted my computers with no luck. The websites are and my Washington State University student portal. Both websites show errors after I enter my login information. The error shows: PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR for both sites. This is a recent development. I've never had this issue before today. Since I am able to login using my cellular network, I am assuming this is an issue with HughesNet? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Secure Connection Issues



Though you'll likely need to get help from a rep, disabling Web Acceleration may work as a temporary "fix".  To do so, and while using a device that is connected to the HughesNet modem (WiFi or LAN cable), go to this HughesNet modem page and click on the green "Web Acceleration Enabled" button.  This will turn Web Acceleration off until you either turn it back using the same method or your modem is unplugged (it would be back on when you plugged it back in).  There's no guarantee that his will help, but it sometimes can when it comes to secure websites.  


Either way, I'm sure the reps will reply, and likely tomorrow.  They're on M-F from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST. 

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Re: Secure Connection Issues

I get this error rather frequently when DNS records have changed, but my cache is outdated (and for some reason, doesn't refresh)...  I was however, able to visit the website you listed, but can't test a login..  I suggest doing the following just to rule out DNS cache issues.

1: Unplug your HT2000w
2: Clear your DNS cache on your devices

This website has several tutorials, and tons of information on how to clear the DNS cache on Apple devices.


3: Shut devices down
4: Turn the HT2000w on
5: Power devices back up