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Service interruptions

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Service interruptions

My service has not been good at all I cannot watch anything without interruption every 2 min how do I get this fixed I should have stayed with dish
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Re: Service interruptions



First check to ensure that you aren't out of data, which you can do either with the HughesNet Usage Meter or by going to this page.  


If you aren't out of data, and you haven't tried already, try turning off, or pausing, the Video Data Saver.  


During the evenings, when congestion is at its heaviest due to a lot of people being online, streaming can be a bit touch and go, especially when it's being done in HD.  Also, though you should be able to stream, HughesNet isn't designed for cord cutting, as the data plans are not large enough to support it.  Many people who have satellite internet also have satellite TV because of this.

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Re: Service interruptions

Good morning Samplatt0102, 


We're closing this thread since we never got a reply from you. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can more effectively help you.



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