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Significantly Slower Speeds Since Outage

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Significantly Slower Speeds Since Outage

Since last week's outage, my Gen 5 service & download speeds have been significantly slower....



Perhaps it is more noticeable on my end as our HT2000w modem is directly connected to a desktop computer via ethernet and we do NOT have any other connected devices. (we haven't had anything connected since before Christmas when the kids came home...well before this outage occured)


I'm not FAP'd and as far as my system control center is showing..everything is green across the board.

No codes to speak of, no other issues although I did notice that the Satellite Receive Signal Strength is only 91-92. (usually it's over 100)























Something is going on though...and the issue is not on my end. I said, this has only been an issue since last weeks outage so I'm hoping that HughesNet is working toward getting the Gen 5 service back up to speed here shortly.


On a happier note:

Within this past 30 minutes or so, 3 gb worth of token bytes were added to my bucket by HughesNet.

I had read earlier this week via the About The Community section that HughesNet was going to be doing this for all customers that were affected by the thank you to HughesNet for following through on that.


Good morning bare65,


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I have been having the same problem, with the same modem and wired setup - with one major exception before 7AM Pacific time is get download speeds between 22 and 32 Mbps. The rest of the time I am below 7 Mbps. I have run 53 download speed tests between January 3d and the January 7th, between 6:30 AM and 9 PM, 68% were below 5 Mbps and 32% were below 1 Mbps.


Interestingly I contacted Hughesnet support via a chat (case number 108575566) and after over an hour of testing I was told that engineering would give me a call within 72 hour. It has been 96 hours and Hughes "engineering" support has failed to contact me. Hopefully I and all of us this issue will hear something soon. A few years ago a really nice tech rep (Liz) helped me with a similar issue - I hope she is still on the payroll, she was very efficient and thoughtful.

Good luck and I really like the snail pic.





With issues such as this...being that this 'speed' issue is obviously affecting more than just a few of us and all since the outage, I personally wouldn't bother wasting my time calling or 'chatting' with HughesNet Customer Service as they are all basically reading from the same script and have no real insight to what is actually going on.


I do value this community and message board though as it is here that I have always been able to get the help I need from both HughesNet corporate level representatives and/or from other Hughesnet customers that have advanced knowledge in the way this service operates.


For me, download speeds this evening are around 1 - 3.5mbps...which, sadly, is faster than what some other customers are dealing with, but ultimatley, not nearly what our speeds should least not the speeds that we are paying for.


I've given up running speed tests for the time being because, quite frankly, it's an utter waste of time performing such tests knowing that this is a system wide slow down and it's a complete waste of data.


You are quite right in that Liz is extremely efficient in what she does and I have no doubts that she will keep on top of this until it is completely resolved and our speeds are resumed back to normal.

If you look closely at my test results, I haven't had speeds over 1Mbps during the PM hours since Dec. 22nd. On average I get about 200-300kbps during those times. This is not counting the brief few hours service was great after the outage was over.

Associate Professor

All I am going to say is... I am seeing some pretty CRAPPY J2 speeds as of late...  


Instead of providing a link to my results URL, here is a link to my website which shows my Gen4 results, and Gen5 results in easy to decipher graphs... If the site works, it works, if not... Well... BLEH.


I had noticed some of your test results yesterday (being in the kbps range) on when I was reviewing my own results and browsing through the history yesterday afternoon of other HughesNet customers...

At 8am this morning I'm at 17.89 mbps. (improvement over yesterday but it's early LOL)

I'll conduct a few tests later this afternoon as the download speeds have generally been deteriating down to the kbps range starting around late morning, early afternoon.


New Poster

We have been getting speeds of 124 kbps up to 1.7 mbps

Called and talked to tech support, who couldn't do anything except run speed test after speed test.

Higher-up tech support was suppose to contact us but haven't heard a thing in 3 days now.

Reading these post tells me that Hughesnet may not be much of a company.




In all fairness to HughesNet, personally, over the several years I've had my own Hughesnet service (both Gen 4 & Gen 5), this is really, for me, one of the few occasions I've had to point out these extremely slow speeds.


These extremely slow speeds (often time in the kbps range) over the past month or so..and now, more frequently (everyday) since last weeks outage, is really NOT normal or typical from my own experience with HughesNet.


Up until these past few weeks, I have generally been very satisfied with my upgraded Gen 5 service these past 8 or so months.

Prior to Gen 5, I was Gen 4, Spaceway HN9000 service...which was significantly slower 'advertised' speeds (up to 5mbps)


If this is indeed a system wide problem (which I suspect it is), you can run all of the speed tests you want...and unplug your modem until your blue in the simply is not going to make any difference.

The issue will have to be resolved internally by HughesNet..


Until then, as customers, the only thing we can do is to continue posting updates as to those current speeds (in a non agressive manner) so that the Hughesnet Corporate level representatives that moderate these message boards have a better understanding of what is really going on and can then pass along that info to whoever it is that is trying to resolve these types of system wide problems.



Advanced Tutor

With that being said..

At 11.55am (PST), I'm testing at 401 kbps download speed..


This is certainly been the 'typical' pattern of download speeds over this past week (at least on my end)...


Around 8am, I generally average around 7 mbps..

the speeds then deteriorate and typically hover around 500 kbps - 2mbps during the days and evening

Around 11pm, speeds pick back up to around 15 mbps, and gradually increasing through until around 3am..

Then...the speeds start to deteriorate once again.

Advanced Tutor

As I review my own data over these past 6 months..I can't help but see that it is around Nov. 26th, or thereabouts, when my own download speeds really started to 'noticeably' deteriorate, and since Jan. 1st, it's been a daily deterioration which is now taking on somewhat of a distinct 'timely' pattern during the course of each 24 hr period as far as certain times of the day/evening being impacted more than others.

Advanced Tutor

11.55am (PST), I'm testing at 401 kbps download speed..

2.42pm (PST) 607 kbps download speed..


 @Liz I'm tagging you in with the hopes that you can look into this for me.

I'm not sure if you have been following my conversations this past week since the outage, but the download speeds above (in the kbps range) have been going on daily since the outage.

I know there are a lot of folk out there complaining about the same thing so I'm not sure if this is a system wide issue or not but I certainly would appreciate any input you may have as to what is going on.


My overall service and download speeds has been slowly deteriorating since November, but it really wasn't until the outage when this significant nose dive in download speeds occureds...and has yet to resolve itself.


I have no codes, FAP, or other connectivity issues showing up on my end with the exception of my Satellite Receive Signal Strength going back and forth between the low 80's and low 90s (usually I'm up in the low 100's)

No connected devices either..


Up until this all started, I was enjoying my 28-40+ mbps download speeds...

At 401 kbps..I'm not enjoying much of anything past basic websurfing 😕


Many thanks in advance..



Advanced Tutor

As of 4.49pm (PST)



Advanced Tutor

and once again..11.00pm (PST) rolls around and sure enough, just like EVERY NIGHT over these past 8 days, my download speeds finally start picking back up into the 12 mbps range. (12.62mbps to be exact)


I'm averaging 100-700 kbps download speeds between the hours of 7am and 11pm, and 12mbps between 11pm and 7am?


@LizI really hope you, or someone in your department can help with this come tomorrow morning.

I have work piling up, and papers coming due that need to get finished and I simply cannot get what I need done when my download speeds are averaging around 500kbps during the day.



Good morning bare65,


Please check your private messages in the top right corner of the community page as I've sent you a PM to further address your concerns.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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yup! just replied back to you...

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