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Slow Download Speed Gen5 NW Washington

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Slow Download Speed Gen5 NW Washington

We've had the service for approximately three weeks now and have not been able to stream videos (Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, etc...) much at all.  There was one exception, 12/25, when were able to watch ONE video with only minimal buffering.


I've done the tests on the "HughesNet" site, at different times of the day and it averages in the 1-3 Mbps download speed. I went to testmynet, today, and verified, with a 25 MB download, it is significantly less than the advertised speed of 25 Mbps (it was 3 Mbps).  I fully understand that "advertised" and "actualized" are not the same but this is a huge difference.


I do not have the ability to connect to the modem directly (MacBook Air does not have a LAN connection point) so I cannot complete the troubleshooting steps per all of the criteria however, I'm pretty sure that since the speeds are staying pretty consistent, there must be something, I am doing or within the system, wrong.


Satellite:  19-NAD

Beam ID:  4


Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.