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Slow Gen5 download speed

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Slow Gen5 download speed

Well I have had Hughes over a year still disappointed it works good sometimes and other off and on.  We have had lots of cloudy days and lots of rain.  But sometimes when raining works perfect.  We have voice phone service with it and it always going out because losing internet services wish I had not changed and wish they were more services to recieve internet where I am.  "But in our location not possible but if you can service is just not too good. 


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When you say your Voice service is always going out because you're losing internet service, how often does this happen?  How is it that you are determining that you've actually lost your interent service when this happens?   


What do you see for a Satellite Receive Signal Strength on the bottom left of this page?  Also, do you show a current State Code, other than 0.0.0, in the System Summary box at the top of the page?


If it has happened since you last plugged your modem in, what State Codes are you seeing on this page?   They'll be in the System State Code Monitor box.  If there are a few or more, you can take a snapshot and post that.  Just make sure to block your SAN from showing, as this is your account number.  

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