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Slow Internet and status code 12.7.1

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Slow Internet and status code 12.7.1

Hi, I have HughesNet gen4 and am currently unable to connect to the gateway. I have been continually getting 12.7.1 error codes for the last day or so.


HughesNet has never been terribly reliable since we got it, and I don't mean slow speeds of 1Mbps, but more like 15kbps at certain points, no matter when we were using the internet. However, not being able to connect to the gateway is another problem entirely. I can't even look up which gateway we would normally be using because all the monitoring tool says is that it's creating the IPGW Pool. I am using a modem but the main house computer is wired directly to the modem and connecting directly to the modem neither increases the internet speed nor does it solve the gateway connection errors.


We did have a small bit of rain recently along with lots of heat (San Diego area) but apparently my modem/receiver is able to connect to the satellite because I do get a satellite connection strength of 57, which is lower than what we normally get (typically around 69) but it is still a connection. It has been doing this since yesterday morning (7/8/18).


Any help or possible solutions would be appreciated. I have checked the dish and it doesn't have anything blocking it right now, nor are there any trees to speak of in the area that could block the signal.

Associate Professor

It sounds like your dish needs to be re-aligned by a technician, @Amanda or @Liz might be able to get you setup with a truck roll to get your service restored...  


Hello RCS, Thank you for reaching out to us and including the state code. I took a look at your account and it appears you have a bad alignment. I am sending you a tech free of charge. You are currently scheduled for Jully 11th, from 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM. you should receive a call confirming the appointment, to reschedule you can request a different time when they call you or you can call us at 866-347-3292.