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Slow Internet

I’m sure this will continue to fall on deaf ears. My installation was just over a month ago, and has not worked very well since day 1 - even though the technician damaged part of the house, and came back the next early in the morning to cut some small branches he thought were in the way. Instead he took down two 30ft and 50ft, 1500lb and 3000lb off two of my 200 year old oak trees! Anyway, upon hearing this news, HughesNet credited me $50 for the issue - not credit listed anywhere on my statements. I’ve called 3 or 4 times regarding slow Internet speeds. Mail will not download to my phone, and going into YouTube takes a few minutes before the content even loads completely - watching a video is pointless, and looking at Facebook is almost impossible to look at videos or pics because the fail to load or buffer for ever. We cannot watch Netflix or amazon - not worth the every to even try. Still don’t understand why I’m being billed for something that does not work? I am working on a masters with frequent 4-hour exams done online (not through a VPN), but afraid to even click on start fearing that the connection will drop, and my exam will be graded as a zero - so I go to Starbucks or McDonald’s to work or study.

Tech support has been unhelpful saying that a few download test results (9mbps to 19mbps) once in a while are good enough for them because the contract says up to 25bmps, and upload speeds are usually 0.5mbps - a little slow Slsays tech support. Technicians continue to have me run tests, but do say that the issue would be raised to a higher level - however, calling me at lunch time when I am not at home where the issue is, doesn’t help, nor does the fact that two person leaving the voice mail tells me to call a different number and tells me to provide the case ID. Her voice is not clear, and the phone numbef takes me to the “black beauty ranch”, whatever that is. Calling the normal number again puts me back in the loop, same questions, same download tests, and I’m told that I cannot use my home security system, or a google echo, and that according to their records everything is okay. Thought, the Internet speed is atrocious, slower than a dial-up modem, and cannot use the Internet. However, instead of providing a resolution, I’m threatened with a $125 technician fed if someone has to visit, told I’m stuck in a contract that does nothing for me.

Now that I have HughesNet at $70 a month, I not don’t have a tool I need to do my work and/or school, but I’m out about $2500 for house a d tree damage, a useless Arlo home security system ($750), a useless Google Echo ($85), a useless Amazon and Netflix service ca $20 per month, and no Internet. What can or what will HughesNet do to resolve this issue instead of reading a script by someone in India who really doesn’t care, with the same questions over and over, and provides the results again and again. This is 2018, why is this allowed, and why are there sooo many complaints about HughesNet, with no resolution?


I have the same issues. This company is complete garbage. I’m thinking about just not paying them.

I have had HughesNet for just a few months, and it's the worst internet I've had since dial-up. I have called the help line, which is ALWAYS "experiencing extremely high levels". I tried chat, and the person told me to buy more data. I asked for a call, which they said would happen in 24 hours. It didn't. When it finally came it was from an unknown number, which I don't answer, and the guy told me to call the help line. Catch 22. I want out!

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You can get out at any time, pegfish. Just pay your ETF and move on to the next ISP (which will not be as good as you think it'll be). 

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If you were told that you need to buy more data, your answer is to use less data so that you don't run out and have your speed throttled.  

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Obviously I'm not the only with a slow Internet. I find the responses here to posts about slow internet very disappointing.  While I realize 25mg isn't going to happen 24 x7, I do expect more than 1.47 download.  I have to hotspot with my phone to do work.  Would that there were another internet service, but I live rural and cannot get other services.  So disappointing.

PS, it took 5+ seconds to post just that.

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If you'd like help with your speed issues, please start a new topic in this same section (Tech Support).  You can do so here...

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  I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting. We certainly do want to address your concerns.


Concerning any claims of installer-caused damage, one should contact the dealer who sent that installer. The dealer may admit fault and offer to fix the damage themselves, without going through insurance, if the customer accepts that option.  If the dealer does not admit fault, or either the dealer or customer wants to go through insurance, it should be handled through the dealer’s insurance.  The dealer’s insurance will send out an investigator to take pictures, assess the damage, and determine who is liable.


Regarding the $50 credit, it's there on your May bill. When you view your bill online, look for the "View Site Details" link in the bottom left corner so you can see the full breakdown. Here's an excerpt of your bill, showing the credit you inquired about:


In looking at your case notes, I see our agent had you run speed tests. What's your username so we can view your full speed test history? 


Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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We're closing this thread since we never got a reply from you. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can more effectively help you.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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