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Slow Speeds Since The Very Beginning

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Slow Speeds Since The Very Beginning

For starters, here is speed tests since I first started the service in October of 2016.


As you can see from the results, my speeds are all over the dang place. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired. The same answer is always given. Nothing is wrong with your settings or our equipment so the problem must be yours, sir. It is supposed to be slower during peak times. Run speed tests. Restart your equipment. Clear cache. I'm not stupid.


As a U.S. Army veteran for over 13 years of service I travelled to many states and countries. Out of all of them, this is by far the worst Internet provider I have ever experienced. Hands down. I paid a fraction of the cost for services that were 10 times better in places like Kuwait and Afghanistan. Better support from third world country mom and pop joints with paper accounting. Ridiculous.


I have done all the things required of me to prove my speeds suck. At this point, I'm sure that countless other people have realized what I have, Hughes Net just doesn't care. They will "pretend" to fix your problem. And maybe for a few hours, or even a day or two, speeds will improve after you complain. And then it will all disappear like smoke into thin air again. I'm tired of it.


I was station in Washington state, Hawaii and Kansas, along with spending time in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait.. I have used Comcast, Cox, Century Link, Time Warner, Exceed, Wild Blue, and Hughes NET takes the cake hands down for the crappiest customer service, inability to provide speeds promised, and continuously taking the same non-corrective actions that lead to the same outcome over and over.


At this point, I don't even want the service anymore. And I refuse to pay a fee to terminate the contract with Hughes NET early, as the promised speeds and services have not been delivered to me as mentioned in the paperwork and phone calls that I have been signing/apart of. Its outrageous.  Again, third world countries serving better Internet than the freaking "top-selling satellite Internet service provider in the US". Absolute crap.




A Very Disgruntled Veteran.