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Slow Speeds - now and forever

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Re: Slow Speeds - now and forever

@sber_paasch wrote: 

The other issue that I have is that Hughesnet is relying on some unknown testing site, which to be honest does not really seem legit to me. I was only able to find on obscure article related to the site and even then, the gist of the article was that when nothing else is running, you have this speed. Which is not a realistic measure of the actual speed, it is an aberration. If you utilize other sites, like some that make the top ten lists on checking internet speed, such as, this give you the real download speed. Which according to, we have never been able to get above 1.0 mbps. For a company that touts speeds up to 25 mbps and in actuality cannot even provide a consistent 1.0 mbps is a blatant slap in the face to all of its customers. mimics streaming, as it's designed to do.  This causes the Video Data Saver to kick in and throttle your speed.  A bit more research would have informed you of this. is hardly an "unknown testing site."  It's one of the most popular speed testing sites on the net, and for three main reasons.  Its options, ease of use and accuracy.  A little more research would have informed you of this, as well, as would having read a variety of speed testing review sites.


If you would like help for your issue via this support community, this is the first step that needs to be taken.  If may not be what you want to do, but it's the first step, nonetheless. 

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