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Slow Upload Speed Even After Dish Realignment


Slow Upload Speed Even After Dish Realignment

I've been having problems with upload speeds for the past month or so. After contacting support, they sent out a tech to realign the dish. That did nothing to improve the upload speed, which tested while the tech was there at .41 MBPS. The tech said that was normal for my service. I've searched this forum for similar problems, and other threads stop after a realignment, but apparently this did not help in this case.


The diagnostics page Self Test and Connectivity Test both pass. I'm using satellite EchoStar-XVI from the 95965 zip code.


I've run speed tests at various times of the day, both while connected wirelessly to the router and from a laptop connected directly to the satellite modem via Ethernet. The results are the same, good download speeds in the 26 MBPS range, lousy upload speeds from 0.1 - 0.4 MBPS. I've used both the testmy and Hughe's own speed test web page.


Even though the download speeds are in the 26 MBPS range, I can't watch even short videos on Youtube or Facebook without experiencing frequent interruptions due to buffering. I'm pretty sure my internal network isn't to blame because I can watch DVD quality movies from a network attached file server with no interruptions at all.


I'm wondering if others have had similar issues, and if there's anything I can do on my own before I contact HughesNet support again.