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Slow connection - Tech support NO HELP,

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Slow connection - Tech support NO HELP,

Over the last couple of months we have been experiencing slow service. We contacted tech support several time, which all of them requested new speed tests and rebooting the modem. And during this time we also had approximately 20 GB of data disappear.

Speed tests registered speeds up to 5 Mbps download and 0.5 Mbps upload. We were told there was no issue on "their" side, we should get a technician to look at system.

Technician comes out at scheduled time, looks at equipment and signal, no issues with equipment. The technician and I call back to tech support and are told nothing is wrong with the system by tech support. Also we are charged for the service visit even though there was nothing wrong with the hardware and tech support said we needed technician to look at system.

A person would think that if a tech support was worried about losing customers, they would have worked more than 5 minutes with the technician that was on site to figure out the problem instead of just saying "their" system was working fine. Surely some tools are available to check from "their" system to modem and modem to "their" system.

Still no resolution to the issue. Speed tests are still under 6 Mbps regardless of the time of day/night it is checked.

So far we have spent several hours on the phone and had a technician on site, which none have helped.

Tests were performed:
Home PC direct connect to modem.
Home PC connected to router.
Wireless devices connected through router.
**connection didn't change speed tests**

We had Wildblue for years, but only swapped to Hughesnet for the data package that was offered. Now wondering if we should switch back.