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Slow service

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Slow service

This service gets slower every day. Tonight's test was 61 kbs -- yes that KBS, not mbs. If Hughes thinks I'm going to pay $65 a month for service that you cvould have gotten 25 years ago on a 56k modem, they're crazy. WHAT A RIPOFF.

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Re: Slow service



Are you sure you are not out of data and in FAP as a result?  Are you testing your speed directly connected with a LAN cable or via WiFi?  


Could you please post a couple of test results from using the manual 25MB download test size and while directly connected to the modem with a LAN cable (no WiFi)?  It would also be a good idea to run the tests under an account you create so it saves them in case they are needed by the reps or engineers.


What modem do you have?  








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