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Slow speed, unhappy with service

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Re: Slow speed, unhappy with service


. "I do have a question about purchasing and using tokens. When I purchase tokens, are they automatically applied? Or do I have to login to apply them? Thanks."

There are a couple of ways to access tokens, here are the detail of one of them:

Open your "Dashboard" here:

Before we can discuss Tokens, we have to understand the details of "Data Buckets"

You really have three sources of data from which to draw:

(times are for Gen4 monthly plans)

(all times are "local")

(click on pictures for larger images)

#1: Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am)

#2: Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am)

#3: Token Bytes (used when Anytime Bytes are depleted)


The above shows all three "data buckets"

One method of purchasing Tokens is to click the "Token Management" link as shown below:

That links brings up the following:

As shown below, that page has two parts:

The "purchase" area and the "available" area:

Clicking one of the "purchase" links will cause that denomination of Token to be charged to your bill. It is NOT however ready for use ... it is added to an "available" category.

After clicking "purchase" watch the screen closely. A very brief confirmation screen will appear:

After the confirmation, the number of "available" Tokens will increase by one:

At this point you have been charged for the Token, you "own" the Token, but it has NOT been added to your allowance yet.

In fact it is NEVER added to your Anytime or Bonus Bytes allowance categories. however after "USE" it is added to your "Token Bytes" data bucket (#3 in the first graphic)

In order to release a Token for use we have to click the "use" button:

After you click "use" two things will occur:

The number of "available" Tokens will decrease by one

The value of the Token will be added to your "Token Bucket":

After a short delay, refresh the meter display and the Token data should be visible in your "Token Bucket":


Tokens can also be accessed from the Download Status Meter in a similar fashion.

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Re: Slow speed, unhappy with service

Thank you.
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Re: Slow speed, unhappy with service

I just logged off the HughesNet generated account and logged in with Facebook. No emails going to that account either. I'm totally stumped.
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Re: Slow speed, unhappy with service

I thought there was a button somewhere for "get satisfaction." But I'm unable to find it. My disability has me spending a lot of time in the bathroom today, so I'm going to log off for now. Thanks for your help.
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Re: Slow speed, unhappy with service

I remember that one of the reps actually helped me with the problem and contacted Get Satisfaction.   I remember it was a private post, though, and they don't show up in past threads under my profile, so I'm not sure who I talked to about it.  I'm reasonably sure it was either Liz or Amanda.  

 If I were you, I would start a new, private post about this particular issue, and I'm sure one of the reps will help.  Be sure to make the post private in case you need to give any personal info or anything. 

Hope you feel better soon.   

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Re: Slow speed, unhappy with service

Getting email copies can be a issue.

Get Satisfaction is nearly notorious for "issues"

At time Hughes will block the flood of GS mail traffic as spam

Difficult to fix.

GS does have a "support" site. Sometimes they respond, other times it just goes "Poof"

Here is what I did. I created my Community login as a Get Satisfaction account:

I selected a "Get Satisfaction" type of account:

I also used a Hughesnet email address at this point. It is used just for login.

After creating the account I signed in using the "GS" account:

After signing in I logged into my Community "Profile" and added a secondary email account.

The Primary is Hughesnet

The Secondary is a non-hughes account. Gmail, Yahoo, whatever.

The I "switched" email notification accounts so that the non-Hughes was set to receive notices.

The Hughes address of record is still the address used for logging into the Community.


Re: Slow speed, unhappy with service

Good morning mahartzler,

We don't have a shipping option in our system to require signatures, but if after a couple weeks you have not received the router, please let me know so we can try again.

Regarding your unidentified data usage, you may want to look into using a third-party data monitoring program to help you pinpoint the programs on your PC that use the most data. Community members have suggested and used GlassWire, so feel free to ask them for tips on using it:



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Re: Slow speed, unhappy with service

Thank you. I'll try to watch for it. We're hoping to leave this neighborhood for that very reason (among others).
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Re: Slow speed, unhappy with service

I am happy to report that logging with Facebook has fixed the email problem. I am now getting email notices, and to the address I wanted in the first place. Smiley Happy
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Re: Slow speed, unhappy with service

May I ask one more stupid question? What happens if you run out of data and do not purchase tokens? Just curious.