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Slow speed

New Poster

Slow speed


Seems throttled all the time 2Mps-5Mps the best it will do. These reults with cable plugged in to modem. Not wifi.


Please advise.




Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Slow speed



If you don't already, please be sure to leave your HughesNet modem plugged in so that the reps can run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment if they deem it necessary.  The reps are on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM EST.  It can take them a day or two to reply.    


Though I don't know if the reps will need additional speed tests performed, the protocol for the speed tests is here, including the proper test sizes and procedures.  Still, it would probably be good to get a few tests in using that proper protocol in the meantime.

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