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Slow speeds - lousy tech support

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Re: Slow speeds - lousy tech support

"its called bait and switch" That's what I've been preaching - I told them we use Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, PS3, and three family members attending online schools.  Hughes gave me this wonderful speech about how the great bandwidth will meet all of our needs -- and when my internet stops working after 6 days, THEN they tell me for the first time that there's a monthly download limit.  Just moved here from overseas and had no way of knowing.  

Customer service response is, "We understand that nobody told you about the monthly limits...thank you for your time."  This is bullcrap and the bandwidth still SUCKS!!  Way to treat the military stationed in remote locations will absolutely false/misleading advertising.  I've reported this to our base officials, the local community association and every chance I get on our community facebook page.  I will not allow anyone else here to get railroaded without firsthand knowledge of what they're getting in to.
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Re: Slow speeds - lousy tech support

Rather strange a base here in the states wouldn't have at a minimum DSL provided by a corporation... Even more strange the base doesn't have it's own internet service for service members...  If your community is large enough to have a facebook, you may want to consider starting a petition for the local government to force the local providers to roll service out to your location, or, consider a local built network owned by your local government.