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Slow speeds no resolution.

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Re: Slow speeds no resolution.

I totally hear you! I've only had their internet for only a month , at our weekend home and we can't even use it ...buffers horribly.

At least you've been able to speak to a customer service rep. I called last Sunday 6 times  Then I called yesterday 14 times spoke too 14 different people and each time the call failed. Pretty sure it wasn't my cell ( 5 bars ) and only lost connection with them each and every time. Also the internet package I bought is the premium and My bill claims I've exceeded the package And used all my A house I spend one day a week in and never have been able to watch even a 30 minute sitcom without taking 2 hours :/

  I'm canceling ...they haven't fulfilled their end of the contract with even decent internet service....therefor they are in void of the contract as well. Try and negotiate the penalty... I certainly am 



Re: Slow speeds no resolution.

Hi rlucken,


Thank you so much for your patience. An engineer informed me that a capacity expansion was performed this morning. Please monitor your system performance and let me know if you're seeing any improvement. New speed tests would help if you're not noticing a difference.



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