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Slow speeds on Beam 55 northern california

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Slow speeds on Beam 55 northern california

Hello everyone,
I've been lurking on the community reading about all the issues with beam 55 speeds and hoping things would improve soon but, now it's time I joined the ranks of the unhappy beam 55 users.


Satellite Name EchoStar-19-NAD
Gateway ID 8
Beam ID 55

Outroute ID 1

I returned to Hughesnet in July 2017 after a 2 year absence.  I was happy with gen5 through about the third week in September.  It was then I noticed speed degradation in the evening hours.  I was about to start a 4 week vacation and didn't think much about the speed problem but figured Hughes would figure it out by the time my vacation ended.  Boy was I wrong. I put my account on a 4 week vacation suspension.  Upon returning from vacation, I again noticed the speed degradation in the evenings.  

Through the community, I found others were having the same problem and that the problem has been occuring consistently for over 3 months. Apparently, Hughesnet is unwilling to share any status updates.  I've been VERY patient as the mods asked us to be!  I just want my $70 internet connection to work for me.  Is that asking too much?  Come on Hughes, be better than that.

Having only the choice of satellite or dialup or nothing, I guess I have to continue to be patient.  But, do I have to continue to pay the full going rate for consistently SLOOOOOW service? We shouldn't have to pay full price for one tenth OR less of the performance.


Please no responses about speed not being guaranteed.  I know all that.  Save your keystrokes. I think everyone will agree these speeds are not acceptable.

Hoping things get better. PLEASE HUGHES, share some info with us.



Location: Placerville, CA|Gen5 Beam:55|Gateway:GIL|Router:ASUS AC68U