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Slow speeds only in prime time hours


Re: Slow speeds only in prime time hours

TO, Gwalk900, Corrosive, (and anybody interested)

I agree with you on the above -- the point I was trying to make was that a company DOES NOT have to neglect their current customers in order to be profitable and grow.


Why in advertising alone Hughes must spend thousands upon thousands of dollars just to maintain their customer base.  Think of the customers they lose to the "little" guy because the customer is unhappy.

And that "little" guy is growing by leaps and bounds.  I predict that the "wireless" Internet providers,  AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. are the future.  

I am copying this and sending it to Corrosive, because I agree with him also - there is a tremendous difference in the initial (and maintenance) cost of each system -- but profits can still be there without neglecting the current customer.  I hope you don't think otherwise?


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Re: Slow speeds only in prime time hours

Is there a problem with the system not showing posters that their reply is posted, causing them to post it again minutes later?  

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Re: Slow speeds only in prime time hours


Haven't heard from you since Feb 10, your response was:


Good morning dhorwath,

Just a heads up, the engineer on your case provided an update. He let me know that there is a planned expansion in the next 2-3 weeks for your beam. This will provide a lot of relief for the night time speeds which will continue all the way up until we release Gen5


Is anything further being done on my beam?  Can I move to Gen 5 at the same cost i have with Gen 4?  The minions have put me in a bad mood, I'm wanting to hear from you


Re: Slow speeds only in prime time hours


Amanda did not respond or answer me for four weeks – She kind of left me with the feeling that she was just too busy to fool with my problems.  It’s not pleasant when you are not sure if you are even being heard.

When she did finally respond to my postings and PMs (just a little over a week ago) this is all she had to say.


“In response to your last PM and this post, if you choose to opt out of upgrading, I cannot force that upon you. I did get the latest update from engineering this week who let me know there was maintenance done to improve performance on your beam and it was completed on March 1st. Aside from that, there is nothing further scheduled. If the service is still not satisfactory and an upgrade is not viable, the final thing I can offer you is to cancel your service without any early termination fees. 


Thank you,





She was no help at all – last time I had problems – Liz helped me – and the service was great – she really was terrific and did not leave me hanging. It took a while – but, working with Liz the problem was solved to everybody’s satisfaction. Apparently Amanda is not in the same category.  She started out fine – and then NOTHING until the above.  Which I thought was almost rude.

Sorry that you are going through the same thing.


Re: Slow speeds only in prime time hours

Amanda has been working on my issue behind the scenes, so I thought I'd come on and mention that we are working through it.  The result is that I'll be switching to Gen 5 on a lower data plan than what I currently have.  With the compression of data on streaming that is used on Gen 5, I should be able to stay within the 30g.  Even if I go over 30g the throttled speed is better than what I have today so it's a no-brainer.

thanks Amanda!