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Smelly Tech

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Smelly Tech

We had a tech come out yesterday. He was able to fix our problem. I have no issue with his work or how he treated everyone. He was quite nice. However, he showed up wearing a wife beater (an undershirt), and smelled so bad. I mean, it was rough. It wasn't just the smell of working for the day. It was the smell of no shower, and then sweating on top of it. About 30 minutes after he left, we could still smell him. We finally had to bust out the Febreeze. Is it typical for techs to show up at people's homes (which is also my place of business) wearing undershirts? I can understand no uniform, but an undershirt, not so much. Not only that, but when he left, he went high speed in reverse down our 200' feet of driveway, and my daughter who was pulling in had to hit her brakes. Luckily, the 16 year old new driver was paying more attention than the tech. It did not give the most professional impression. 

Re: Smelly Tech

Hi Myra,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! My goodness, I'm sorry to hear about this. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I'll send your feedback to our install group to have this addressed. 

Thank you,
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