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So much data, so little time...

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So much data, so little time...

I guess I'm lucky I'm a nerd (or am I a geek? I don't know the difference). I don't play video games, and I don't have Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Fire stick. I rarely watch TV, and my TV isn't connected in any way to HughesNet. I do watch ~2 hours of YouTube per week, mostly documentaries. Low resolution, naturally.

ANYWHO... I ran a 24 hour experiment. It went from ~12:30 AM Friday to ~12:30AM today (Saturday). Here's my data usage at. 12:30 AM Friday:

What did I do, Internet-wise, all day Friday? I'm glad you asked, haha! My laptop was on, and connected to the Internet, from ~1:30 PM to ~11:59 PM. From 1:30-5:30, I did a little shopping on Amazon, downloaded a book to my laptop and iPhone, read some news on the NBC web site, went on Blackboard, a platform many colleges use for students to upload assignments and discuss readings, etc.

Then I took a dinner break from 5:30-8:30. I FORGOT to turn my laptop off, so I was on the net during this time, with open tabs on NBS news, Blackboard, Amazon, and Gonzaga university. Oh, I should mention my iPhone was on and had an Internet connection the entire 24 hours.

So I ate dinner and taught my houseguests' kids how to play Clue, lol! It was Miss Scarlet in the lounge with the candlestick!

Came back to my room at 8:30 PM and cursed myself out for leaving the laptop on, haha! Spent the evening doing some research on the laptop, downloaded an episode of "Hoarders," which I haven't watched yet, uploaded ~5 photos, filled out and submitted some forms for Gonzaga, checked my email and replied to three, composed and sent one email, checked my bank account and transferred some money, and designed a flyer in Word for a community project.

Whew! I was busy. I didn't try to use more or less data than normal during this experiment. I did everything I wanted to do. So here's my data usage 24 hours later:

Not bad, eh? 🙂 I should also mention my internet speed was really good (I should have run mytest at the same time, but didn't think of it), and I had no glitches, crashes, or delays.