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Soooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Soooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!

I have same problem. Router inplugged and computers off and unplugged and still use data.
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Re: Soooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!


Welcome to the Community !

Its really easy to prove/disprove:

#0: Prerequisite: Remove your router during the troubleshooting phase by connecting a single computer directly to the Hughes Modem.

#1: Get a screenshot of your "fuel gauge" just before shutdown and note the time: (I like this one):

#2: Disconnect the LAN cable from the rear of the Hughes Modem: (the one next to the red arrow)

Leave off for whatever period of time suits your schedule

#3: Startup: Reconnect the modems LAN cable

#4: Note the time and immediately take another screenshot of your "fuel gage":


#5: Post the "before & after" fuel gauge screenshots along with the shutdown/startup times and the Mods will do the rest.

Intercepting the results:

If, under the above conditions (that is ... modem is isolated) you had usage .. then the problem is on the Hughes end.

If, under the above conditions, no usage occurred then the usage is likely the result of something on your network and there are tools and procedures to find out just where the problem is.



Re: Soooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!

Hi Nicole, 

Did you never speak to a sales rep before our technician was dispatched to your home? That is where you would have been presented the info stating what you are signing up for. Also even if you ordered your service through an online portal this is also explained.

If you are coming from a ground based ISP like cable etc, satellite is going to take some getting used to. If you need tips we are here to assit and many other community members as well. Let us know how we can help.

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Re: Soooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!

So then why when my neighbor who had the same exact plan through Hughes net as I do now, when she cancelled and switched to windstream, did her "bill" come 3 MONTHS after she cancelled, saying she used almost half of the data allowance? I don't know. I just think the whole concept is dumb, and when I didn't know that I had to "managae" my usage when I signed up, it is very frustrating.
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Re: Soooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I did speak to someone. They never mentioned the fact that it was a 2 year contact, or any contract for that matter. It doesn't matter though because our "contract" is up soon and we will be cancelling.
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Re: Soooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!

I think our "reps" are just sketchy all together to be honest. We have tried getting someone to explain to us how to better manage our data, but they just basically say "cut out youtube, cancel Netflix and don't be on the Internet 24/7." Uhh?
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Re: Soooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!

When i signed up for this service and i wish a rep would listen to this convo because im stuck w this craptastic service for another year and im out! I was told i had 60G /month and id never go through that.. No no i have 10 G and 50G between 2am and 8am which I'll actually set alarms to wake up so i dont use all my data. I could use netflix and ps3 NO issues for gaming or streaming. Ps3 not a chance. It takes FOREVER to just sign in let alone do anything.. Netflix wouldnt even load a movie.. SD or HD.. I was lied to from day 1.. I know ive posted this a few times but honestly im pissed! I was lied to and now im stuck with this service!!
This service is for basic stuff, email checking, research maybe a few videos but thats really it.. So.. Join the "club"