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Speed issue OMG


Re: Speed issue OMG

Please for the love of God help me. I have called and called and either I get disconnected or its a bad connection and cant hear customer service. When I switched to Hughsnet I was told that I would have plenty of whatever to facebook and live stream Big Brother live feeds. Well I guess I was lied to because when I stream I get about 30 secs of feeds and about 15 secs of buffering. Same thing when I try to listen to music. This is totally a far cry from HIGH SPEED internet. I was happier with Frontier to be honest. I am on a fixed income but if I have to I will pay the early termination fee. I hate to change but I will if I have to.

Also I upgraded thinking that would help.. NOT!!!

Please don't force me to change again.

Associate Professor

Re: Speed issue OMG