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Speed versus usage

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Speed versus usage

Have not posted in a while ... Been working with a Representative from MD... He did ask me to keep up some posts so here goes.. As you can see from my speed tests ....Not ONCE in 3 weeks did I receive 51% of my advertised price or plan ....Also noticed that my system suddenly shows 12 GB downloaded in just 2.5 hours ??? Could not happen with the speeds I am getting ! Thanks for reading my Post ....

Re: Speed versus usage


Thanks for the post. We pulled up your account and are currently running diagnostics on your site. As you already know, speeds are congested during peak hours. Can you post some recent speeds during the daytime for us?

Also, we can see from yesterday that your modem had multiple requests stemming from streaming video.  Please keep in mind that HD video can use significantly more data that SD, so it is very possible that the 12GB downloads could happen.

Currently, are you connected to a wireless router?

- Warren