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State Code 23.1.1

Hi, I am 40 days into my Gen 5 plan and for the last 20 I have been suffering an intermittent problem. I will log into my computer in the morning and have no internet connection. The system light on the modem will be out and the other 5 will be lit. The system state code will be 23.1.1 TCP acceleration is down or other times it will say TCP acceleration is degraded and the gateway test will tell me I have no connection to the gateway. This fault has been present at least 12 times in the last 20 days, reboot does not seem to clear it so I end up disconnecting power for 10 minutes and after powering back up I can usually get online. Calling tech support can be frustrating because the first line of techs just want to get you back up and running, which is fine but this I am able to do myself, so getting to a higher level of support is not easy. When I did talk with the higher level techs they got online and did some software checks which never really helped and they ended up sending a replacement modem which hasn't helped either but at least that item can be eliminated now. Have you guys seen this issue before and perhaps know of a solution, my speeds sometimes seem a little low and I don't know if thats related but I didn't want to discuss that until the TCP thing was sorted.

thanks Jeff


@Liz arranged for a tech to come out and adjust my dish a little over a week ago which seems to have resolved my state code problem, thanks.


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