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Status meter still not working

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Status meter still not working

I am running Windows 10 Home, version 1607. I just uninstalled the status meter and reinstalled ver 6.5.2.. It has the same number of bytes as the version I uninstalled. When I roll over the status meter on my tray, I have 94% of anytime allowance remaining. If I right click on the status meter icon and click on run, a window comes up with a stack of options on the left side--status meter, messages, usage history, settings. The rest of the window is blank. When I click on any of the options on the left side the tic mark progresses but nothing happens except when I click on usage history, then I get a wheel that says "loading" but then nothing appears. This is just a thought--It is like maybe an ad blocker on my computer is keeping anything from showing. I can't think of anything else to do. I have another computer running Windows 8 and the status meter works fine. I see lots of other conversations from people who have problems with the status meter but I don't see any resolutions except to reinstall, which I have done, or go back to a previous version.

Re: Status meter still not working

Hello msnyder,

Thanks for posting! This is actually something that we are aware of and have developed a fix for. It is currently being tested and should be released for download soon. In the mean time, customers have come up with a really witty workaround to get the status meter to show up. Here's a link to the post -->

Thank you