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Still slow

Technician came to my house and repointed the satillite and, to my understanding from what the representative told me yesterday, was suppose to replace or fix the radio but didn’t do anything to it. My internet service is still slow and it seems that only one person can be on a device at a time. They had told me this internet could support A LOT more devices than just one or even two. My data keeps disappearing as well. I mean if I can hardly use my service then how am I using my data? This is getting too frustrating for me.
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If one or more of your devices is actively using data it can sap bandwidth (speed) from something else you are trying to do.  Many connected devices can use data without you knowing it.  Satellite TV receivers, Smart devices, Chromecast background images, devices saving info to and retrieving info from the cloud, device updates, Windows 10 sharing updates to others on the net (Delivery Optimization), a weak WiFi connection, etc.  


This page can show you what is connected, and what was, but is no longer.  


This page and this page may help you regarding data usage issues.  


I'm sure a rep will reply regarding the radio issue.  


Hope this helps.  🙂 

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