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Straight up lied to......

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Re: Straight up lied to......

Piss off......
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Re: Straight up lied to......


I suggest reading the community guidelines located at

Also, it can take several days for the corporate office to receive a copy, or transcript of the sales call to see what can be done, if anything.  Sometimes they can't get a copy, depending on who you called, or signed up through for service.

@Bill - how was/is that minion constructive information?

Re: Straight up lied to......

Hi Matt,

Sale call reviews can take a couple of hours to receive or days, just depends on the circumstance. Unfortunately after inquiring there is no way for us to retrieve your sales call. In these instances we always side with our customers and take their word for it. So I have left notes in my case (52175924) which you can reference when calling in to cancel. There are instructions so that whatever agent you speak with they'll be able to help you with no issues. If that is ultimately what you would like to do, we are sorry to see you go, but hope everything goes well with your next ISP. If you have anymore questions or concerns feel free to let me know.

Thank you,
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Re: Straight up lied to......

No worries Chris, all I ask is to get what I pay for. And furthermore you will not see my name across this community board again. As I do know that you are busy with other people.. Again What I pay for....

As for Bill.... you sir must not have anything better to do than troll.... So have fun with that..

Good day to you all..