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Strange Internet Issues

So we recently (around 2 weeks ago) swapped to Hughes Net.  Since doing so we are running into a couple weird issues.  Not sure if they are related to one another or not. 


The first is that imessage photos/videos will absolutely not load on the hughesnet wifi.  Works great on LTE and before Hughes but nothing now. 


The second is that periodically the internet will just not function at all.  Webpages will time out, things like Discord or other apps will disconnect, everything basically screeches to a hault.  I can log into the HT2000 device just fine at these times and everything says it's great.  Green boxes for everything, tests all run well etc. 


I called support and spoke for nearly an hour with a tech trying to troubleshoot this issue.  He ended up saying it was due to too many devices being connected to the LAN here.  We do have a lot of devices connected, but most of them are things like roku boxes and video game consoles that rarely use the internet.  We are not coming anywhere close to the data cap so I know nothing is pounding away at the internet.  He said something about 8 devices being the limit, which seems absurdly low in 2019.  He mentioned the HT2000 modem/router evenly distributes data for all connected devices regardless of how much they use?  This seems silly since 80% of our connected devices rarely if ever use the internet. 


So I was going to plug my Ubiquity Edge Router back in and just turn the HT2000 to bridge mode but apparently that isn't an option on this devices so i'm out of luck on that.


So would more than 8 devices being connected cause the issues we are having?  And if so, what can I do about it? 


Thanks for any help. 


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You may not be aware of this, but during your first twenty days of service your data allotment is continually replenished, though I don't know the frequency of the refills.  Because of this, you may actually be using a lot more data than you're aware of, so it is possible that at least some of those devices are connecting and using bandwidth at the same time. This is only a possibility, though, of course.  


I'm not familiar with that particular router, but you can use 3rd party routers with the HT2000W.  You'd want to disable the WiFi in the HT2000W so it doesn't interfere with the 3rd party router's WiFi.    


Do you know if your speed is up to par?  If not, you may want to run a few speed tests using the protocol listed on this page


Though it may not be today, I'm sure a rep will reply to help.

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Thanks for the reply.  The tech I worked with before mentioned he could see the data that different devices were using and indeed they were extremely low, just that they were still getting an equal share of the potential data I guess?  I still don't really understand that. 


I wanted to use the Edge router for NAT and DHCP functionality and just use the HT2000 as a modem essentially.  That's how our previous provider had it set up and it worked really well.  I found that I can disable NAT for the HT2000 but couldn't find where I could disable DHCP. 


We ran several speed tests over the phone and generally it seemed it was fine.  A couple had very low upload but it's overcast today so we were going to test that again on a sunny day.





Hi DannyTitanium,


I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting. Just wanted to address some things in your posts. I think the agent you called misspoke, your monthly data is not distributed evenly amongst your devices; each connected device will use however much data it can until you're out of your data allowance. After the data allowance is used up, your speeds will be reduced, but you will still remain online. I'm sorry for the confusion, I hope that clears things up.


Gabe's suggestion is good if you're using a 3rd party router. Disable the wifi on the HT2000 so you can avoid any interference and ensure your network devices work normally.


Regarding the iMessage concern, please let me know if any of these steps make a difference:


If none of the steps in that link help. please change the DNS settings on your iPhone to a use a different DNS server such as Google's ( Here are instructions on how to do so:


Which iPhone is experiencing this issue?


What error message are you seeing that indicates the pic/vid couldn't send? A screenshot would be best.


Are you able to send regular text messages via iMessage or is this just happening when trying to send media?


If you have multiple devices on iOS are they also experiencing the same issue with iMessage?


  Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Good morning DannyTitanium,


It's been a while since we last heard from you, so we will close this thread. If you still have concerns, please start a new thread and include a detailed explanation so we can better assist you.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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