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Sub Mb download speeds over Wifi

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Sub Mb download speeds over Wifi


Just wondering if anyone else has issues with sub megabyte download speeds from the program. I'm testing this over wifi from my phone, because I dont have anything wired into the ethernet.

I have Gen5 internet with supposedly 25 Mbps maximum speeds and my speed tested at 5:45 PM is 0.945 Mbps. This speed is pretty much the same speed for the entire day. The only time it is faster tends to be when I wake up around 5 am.

Thank you
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Re: Sub Mb download speeds over Wifi



Are you sure you are not presently out of data?  You can check with the HughesNet Mobile app, by clicking on the Usage tab under My Account at the top of the page, or by clicking My Usage at the top right of the page.  You can also check your data levels here.  As well, on this page, please make sure that the two boxes at the top of the page are green and that you're seeing all green check marks down the right side of the System Status box.  This will ensure that the system is in order and there isn't a some type of system connection issue.


You can also check your WiFi strength with the same mobile app to ensure you have a good WiFi connection. 


If you aren't out of data, but you don't have a LAN cable connectible device with which to test your speed, it would be best to wait until you receive a reply from a HughesNet rep with further instructions or advice.  It's likely that this will not be until at least tomorrow, though there is occasionally a HughesNet rep on during the evening.  


One last thing.  You may want to check to make sure that no other devices are connected and presently using data, sapping your speed/bandwidth.  You can see what is presently connected here.

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Re: Sub Mb download speeds over Wifi

You certainly aren’t alone. I can’t even complete a speed test because my latency is so poor.

And honestly, before someone crucified you for it, make sure you know that Mbps is megabits per second, not megabytes. 8 bits in a byte